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About Alpiq InTec

Alpiq InTec is actively engaged in the energy services sector and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alpiq Holding. Alpiq InTec employs 4900 people, 480 of whom are apprentices, to look after the needs of its customers. Represented at more than 90 locations in Switzerland, Alpiq InTec is always near you.

Our Company


Alpiq InTec, a subsidiary of Alpiq Holding, is a Swiss company with 90 locations spread throughout the country. The group comprises several subsidiaries with various geographic and thematic specialisations.

Our Subsidiaries


Alpiq InTec is the umbrella organisation for 16 subsidiaries, 15 of which are in active operation, each in its specialist field. Overall, Alpiq InTec covers the full range of services, with expert solutions in every discipline.

Our Locations


Alpiq InTec is represented at over 90 locations throughout Switzerland, and is therefore able to maintain proximity to its customers at all times. Various individual group companies also have branches in other European countries.



The Swiss companies of the Alpiq InTec Group process supplier invoices electronically. Partners and suppliers to the Alpiq InTec Group will find all the information relevant to e-invoicing on this information page.