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Alpiq InTec, a subsidiary of Alpiq Holding, is a Swiss company with 90 locations spread throughout the country. The group comprises several subsidiaries with various geographic and thematic specialisations.

The Alpiq InTec Group (formerly Atel Installationstechnik AG), which is based in Zurich, is a Swiss company active in the areas of building technology, facility management, transport technology, energy supply technology, process automation, energy efficiency consulting and e-mobility. The group focuses its activities on Switzerland and northern Italy, and – in the area of transport technology – on Europe as a whole.

In Switzerland, the Alpiq InTec Group has some 90 branches spread throughout the country. The group, which comprises several subsidiaries, employs around 4900 people including 480 apprentices, and posted a turnover of CHF 1244 million in 2016.

The Alpiq InTec Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alpiq Holding, and was established at the beginning of 1999 following the amalgamation of the previously separate Atel group companies active in the field of installation engineering. The group was renamed Alpiq InTec following the merger between Atel and EOS to form Alpiq in 2009.

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How many employees work for the Alpiq InTec Group? When was it founded? How many locations does it have? The main facts and figures about Alpiq InTec.

Management & Organisation

Management & Organisation

How is Alpiq InTec organised? Who runs the group and the individual divisions and subsidiaries?

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

The Alpiq InTec Group is fully aware of its responsibility as the leading Swiss company in the field of energy services, and this is reflected in the way in which we act and interact with all stakeholder groups. Quality, safety and social thinking are some of the cornerstones of our work.



The history of Alpiq InTec is closely linked with that of Atel, and as such reaches back into the century before last. Alpiq InTec has thus grown historically – and is well equipped for the future with its innovative services.