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Understanding – our success.

For us, understanding is more than just a term, more than just a word. Understanding is defined by our attitude and by our corporate culture. Understanding expresses the motivation to permanently work on ourselves, to make progress, to listen to others – particularly our customers, our partners, our team – and to note their concerns, take them seriously in every respect and to understand them.

A company’s success can only be guaranteed when the goals set are understood by all its employees. We must therefore understand every day. Understanding means seeing the bigger picture, not just the individual elements.

Verstehen – Unser Erfolg. (Gebäudetechnik)

We understand buildings.

This slogan expresses our expertise and our experience in all areas of building technology and automation. With our trades and specialist areas of electrical engineering, HVARS, IT and telecommunications, security and automation and service and technical facility management, we plan and implement comprehensive, sustainable solutions. Understanding one’s own field and equipment is just as much an essential precondition for professional results as understanding each other, within the team and across trades. Project knowledge contributes decisively to success. Understanding what a customer wants and what their needs are. We are successful because we understand this.

Verstehen – Unser Erfolg. (Energieversorgungs- und Verkehrstechnik)

We understand how electricity and transport flow.

Alpiq is energy from A to Z. The Alpiq InTec Group covers all areas of energy, from production through distribution and supply to energy services. We have the requisite competences for the integrated planning and implementation of comprehensive solutions for buildings and plants. Our portfolio comprises railway and contact-line technology, transport and energy supply technology and specialist electro-technical installations.

Verstehen – Unser Erfolg. (Projekte)

We understand how to implement complex projects.

In all areas of building technology as well as energy supply and transport technology we provide comprehensive services from a single source. In every specialist area we have recourse to our company’s internal resources – in planning, in implementation and in realisation: