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The Swiss companies of the Alpiq InTec Group process supplier invoices electronically. Partners and suppliers to the Alpiq InTec Group will find all the information relevant to e-invoicing on this information page.

The Alpiq InTec Group introduced electronic invoice processing in 2012. Since that date, Alpiq InTec Group partners and suppliers have been able to submit their invoices electronically (as structured data or as PDF). Alpiq InTec invites all suppliers to use this new technology as an alternative to invoices in paper format.

Invoicing addresses

Each Alpiq InTec Group company has its own invoicing address. This overview shows all the companies and addresses.

Invoicing channels

Paper or PDF? Portal or integrated solution? In future, partners and suppliers will be able to send their invoices to the Alpiq InTec Group companies in various ways. This is the overview.

Reference details on invoices

With immediate effect, invoices submitted to the Alpiq InTec Group must quote certain reference details to ensure rapid processing. More information here.