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Alpiq InTec is represented at over 90 locations throughout Switzerland, and is therefore able to maintain proximity to its customers at all times. Various individual group companies also have branches in other European countries.

All projects managed by Alpiq InTec companies focus first and foremost on the needs and concerns of the customer, regardless of whether the job at hand is an individual assignment or a long-term collaboration. It is therefore vital that, as well as having the appropriate expertise, the staff involved are also familiar with specific local characteristics. With Alpiq InTec’s 90 or so locations throughout Switzerland, its branches and employees are well established within local areas – and therefore close to their customers at all times.

Alongside its primary market of Switzerland, Alpiq InTec is also active in Europe: in northern Italy in the field of building technology, and at various locations worldwide in the fields of energy supply and transport technology.

Locations in Switzerland

Standorte Schweiz

Alpiq InTec is represented at over 90 locations throughout Switzerland.

Locations in Europe

Standorte Europa

The Alpiq InTec Group also works internationally in individual areas of activity – with branches in Italy, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.