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Bewerbung - Personalvermittler

We will gladly accept applications for certain specifically marked jobs via recruitment agencies. In the interests of all concerned, we should however like you as a recruiter to take note of certain points.

So that you as a recruiter know which jobs it is worth contacting us about, we have put together a list of important rules for you:

  • The job advertisement explicitly states that we will accept application dossiers from recruiters.
  • As a recruiter, you already have a comprehensive overview of the person you wish to propose for the job because you have interviewed that person.
  • The candidate has convinced you that he or she is suitable, and you can personally recommend him or her.
  • The vacancy is appropriate for the interested party, and his or her skills, abilities and potential match the requirements stated in the job advertisement.
  • The person knows that you are submitting an application dossier in his or her name.
  • The initial contact must always be made via the person from our HR Department named in the job advertisement.
  • For advertised vacancies in companies in the Alpiq InTec Group based in Switzerland, the recruiters must also operate in Switzerland. You as recruiter must also comply with Swiss law.

Thank you for adhering to these points.