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Today’s apprentices allow us to fulfil our full potential as a company and that of our customers and partners, now as well as in the future. Alpiq InTec is happy to take on corporate responsibility – and to support you through a successful start to the world of work.

At Alpiq InTec, we believe innovative training is very important. Apprentices are trained like top athletes. Specialist knowledge, team development, cooperation, communication, problem-solving skills, handling change processes and networked thinking are all key elements of our training philosophy.

We offer our apprentices outstanding basic professional training. Alpiq InTec really believes in promoting young talent, as well-trained specialists are crucial to the long-term success of the company. Our apprentices are mentored by qualified professional trainers who put together a consistent training strategy to ensure a successful start to professional life.

Extensive information in German, French or Italian

The Alpiq InTec «Trainee Portal» provides extensive additional information and services in the three national languages German, French and Italian: detailed descriptions of the courses and an overview of available apprenticeships, as an example.