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Why Alpiq InTec? Because it’s worth it.

Warum Alpiq InTec

Alpiq InTec is a modern employer. We operate in a promising future-oriented sector and combine diverse fields of activity under one corporate roof. You can realise your dreams with us! That is what we offer.

Diversity works for us

Warum Alpiq InTec - Vielfalt

The diversity of our employees and competences enables us to implement highly complex projects and to rise to huge challenges – through cross-trade collaboration allowing us to offer comprehensive solutions from a single source.

We offer attractive terms of employment

Warum Alpiq InTec - Anstellungsbedingungen

Attractive terms of employment are part and parcel of a good job. By this, we do of course mean more than just a salary paid at market rates. Find out more here about the conditions of employment we offer.

We offer all sorts of advanced training and development possibilities

Alpiq InTec als Arbeitgeberin - Weiterbildungs- und Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten

We will encourage you on an ongoing basis in your personal development and offer a wide range of advanced training possibilities. Your expertise is thus always kept up to date and can be supplemented systematically where necessary. Why not reap the benefits?

A concept of management that makes sense

Warum Alpiq InTec - Führungsverständnis

The key factors in our management culture are lived entrepreneurship, the promotion of a culture of trust and the assumption of responsibility as well as the strengthening of cooperation.