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Story: 03.11.2017

Hand washing 4.0

Smixin Modell Combi Countertop

Smixin, an innovative new product from Switzerland, makes it possible to use up to 90% less water during hand washing. Alpiq InTec sells and installs this innovative IoT product as a national partner.

News: 10.10.2017 07:00

Alpiq becomes number one for catenary technology in Europe

Alpiq strengthens its position as a European transport technology specialist.

Lausanne ─ Alpiq is acquiring Lundy Projects Ltd., a specialised supplier of catenary systems and signalling structures in the railway infrastructure sector in the UK. With this acquisition Alpiq is becoming the number one for catenary technology in Europe. Alpiq is consistently pursuing its strategy of investing in selected profitable growth ...

News: 28.08.2017 07:00

Growth areas generate entire results of operations, Swiss electricity production operating at a loss

Cover Interim Report 2017

Lausanne – Thanks to its strong operating performance, the Alpiq Group generated net revenue of CHF 3.5 billion (2016: CHF 3.0 billion) and EBITDA before exceptional items of CHF 158 million (2016: CHF 239 million) in the first six months of 2017. The main drivers of net revenue are higher transaction volumes in the trading and sales business. ...

Story: 05.07.2017

Denkfabrik mit modernster Technik

Einweihung Olten

Grund zum Feiern für Alpiq InTec (AIT): Die Schweizer Marktführerin in der Gebäudetechnik hat in Olten einen neuen Geschäftssitz bezogen. Dort fasst AIT das ganze Spektrum von Dienstleistungen unter einem Dach zusammen.