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Story: 12.01.2018

Alpiq EnerTrans SpA successfully delivers the first stage of the new Light Rail Transportation system in Aarhus


The city of Aarhus in Denmark, officially opened the first section of the light rail network on December, 21. Alpiq EnerTrans, the Italian railway and public transport infrastructure specialist of the Alpiq InTec Group, played a major role in the development of the first 7km of the new double-track network and was responsible for the design and construction of the contact line and power supply systems.

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and first ranking in the Jutland peninsula for number of inhabitants. The first stage of the new LRT includes 14 km of newly constructed double-track light rail line passing through the most densely populated part of Aarhus as well as the electrification of two existing rail connections north and south of the city. On December 21 the city put into service a stretch of 7km connecting a new urban developed area to key locations in the centre of Aarhus and passing by the Aarhus University Hospital, the Aarhus University and the harbor area. The completion of this first stage marks an important milestone in the creation of an innovative and efficient transportation system which represents the first project of its kind in Denmark.


Next stages of the project include the completion of the remaining 7km of urban stretch and the electrification of the two existing regional lines which will be converted into a light rail system, without changing their routes. Specifically it will be a 70 km line north of the city to Grenaa, and a 30 km line south to the city of Odder. The completion of the urban section and the connection to Odder is expected by end of February 2018 while the link to Greena is due within summer 2018.
The construction of the new LRT system, which was entrusted to the ASAL Consortium (made up Ansaldo Sts, GCF and Stadler) has lasted five years to date and it worth about EUR 300 million in total.


Alpiq EnerTrans is responsible for the design and construction of the new contact line system in the urban area and for the electrification of the two regional railway lines towards Greena and Odder (110 km single track in total), including the installation of the rigid-mobile type catenary in the Depot and the maintenance workshop. Alpiq is also responsible for the design of the power supply system and the supply of n. 29 substation in container, the SCADA system and the low voltage power supply for stations and tram stops. Alpiq share amounts to EUR 50 million.

Upon completion the new LRT network will count 52 tram stop, running through all the major suburbs on its route. Alpiq EnerTrans made a decisive contribution to the realisation of this important project which represents a remarkable goal that joins the ranks of previous successes of the Company in the public transport field, both nationally and internationally such as the Line C of the Rome Underground  and  the Metro do Porto LRT system in Portugal.

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