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Installation and service of refrigeration systems

Installation und Service von Kälteanlagen

We build refrigeration systems for the commercial sector, the gastronomy and hotel industry, the food industry and the research sector. For industrial production processes and wholesale, we deliver standard systems or implement special systems. In the food industry, we guarantee seamless refrigeration – all the way from the producer to the consumer.

Commercial refrigeration systems

We offer commercial refrigeration systems in the small to medium performance range. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we know all about special requirements and are able to plan and build customised systems. We build commercial refrigeration systems for a range of different sectors. We deliver standard systems as well as systems tailored to special requirements. Our systems ensure seamless refrigeration all the way from the producer to the consumer. Wherever possible and practical, we deploy heat recovery systems in conjunction with refrigeration systems.

Our most important fields of activity:

  • Gastronomy and hotel industry (refrigeration and freezer units, drink coolers, shock refrigeration etc.)
  • Hospitals, nursing homes and penal institutions (refrigeration systems for medicines and blood banks etc.)
  • Supermarkets, convenience stores, retailers, butchers, bakeries, florists (refrigeration and freezer cabinets, display cases, stand-alone and interconnected refrigeration systems, direct and indirect refrigeration systems, systems based on natural refrigerants etc.)
  • Research institutes, laboratories (low-temperature equipment, climate simulation systems)

Industrial refrigeration systems

Industrial refrigeration systems are designed for high performance and often operated using natural refrigerants. These systems need to satisfy the most demanding requirements. We offer the ideal combination of components, materials and decades-long experience in developing and implementing refrigeration concepts. A sound investment is the foundation of systems that can remain up and running long after they have been amortised. We come up with bright ideas that integrate natural refrigerants without compromising on performance. That’s good for the environment, good for your budget and boosts your company’s strong image.

Our most important fields of activity:

  • Logistic service providers (refrigeration and freezing warehouses, high-bay warehouses etc.)
  • Chemical industry (process refrigeration systems etc.)
  • Food production (shock refrigeration and freezing systems etc.)
  • Sports venues (ice rinks etc.)

Air-conditioning systems

We plan, design and implement practical air-conditioning systems for the well-being of people and the good of the environment. Our industry-specific know-how and experience range from the installation of simple air conditioners for ambient comfort, to complex installations for entire buildings. We are the specialists for everything from small-scale air conditioners to cold-water machines for bulk applications.

Our most important fields of activity:

  • Computer centres (server room air-conditioning etc.)
  • Office, residential and retail premises (split air-conditioning systems and multi-split air-conditioning systems etc.)
  • Production operations (cold-water installations etc.)

Sale of refrigeration and freezing equipment

Not only are we ultra-cool – we also offer a comprehensive range of equipment for everything that needs refrigerating or freezing. Benefit from the widest range of plug-in refrigeration and freezing equipment. Including second-hand but fully renovated equipment.

Our most important product groups:

  • Fridges and freezers
  • Refrigeration and freezer cells
  • All types of ice-making machinery including transport systems
  • Refrigerated shelf units
  • Display cabinets
  • Refrigeration cabinets
  • Fridge/freezer islands


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