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Security and automation technology (Security & Automation)

Security- und Automationstechnik (Security & Automation)

Our Security & Automation division with its extensive cross-trade experience provides comprehensive solutions for comfort and security in buildings. Thanks to the know-how of our employees and the necessary credentials obtained by our companies, we can implement security systems in all areas. Our specialist knowledge in bus as well as measurement, control, regulation and management technology for HVAR systems ensures that the building technology works reliably and economically.


Installation and servicing of security systems

Installation und Service im Bereich Security für Gebäude

Security systems are a matter of trust. They protect people, animals and property and thus increase your quality of life. We are your competent partner in all matters related to security, and create electronic security systems for all sectors.

Installation and servicing of automation systems

Installation und Service im Bereich Automation für Gebäude

More comfort – higher productivity and better quality of life: building automation connects trades and enables buildings to operate securely and economically.