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Service & TFM (Technical Facility Management)

Service & TFM

Alpiq is your reliable partner for Service & TFM (Technical Facility Management) projects, tailored to your individual needs. With our diverse range of services we take care of all essential building management services for you. We find individual solutions and develop forms of cooperation adapted to each building.


Service & Technical Facility Management (TFM)

Service & Technical Facility Management (TFM)

In all areas of Service & TFM you benefit from our skills and the range of options we offer. We deploy the most appropriate provider for the particular project at hand.

Sales, installation and servicing of Dyson hand dryers

Dyson Airblades

We are experts when it comes to the sale and installation of Dyson Airblade hand dryers. We are also there for you after installation thanks to our comprehensive service offer.

Application for facility management (app4fm)

Applikation für Facility Management (app4fm)

app4fm is a cloud solution that simplifies facility management efficiently and economically. With app4fm, you can easily coordinate the operations related to facility management, centralise information, and control and optimise the functioning of the operations.