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We are at your disposal in a fiduciary capacity before, during and after the construction of buildings and plants, and can support you in all areas of the project that involve the realisation of efficient and sustainable energy use.

Our construction contracting services comprise the following modules: overall project management, building technology concept, expert reports and quality assurance.

Overall project management

Energy/building technology and overall management are highly demanding elements of any construction project, calling not only for technical qualifications but also considerable sensitivity when it comes to dealing with various stakeholder groups. We have these skills, as well as the requisite organisational know-how to meet quality, cost and deadline specifications.

Building technology concept

The building technology concept is the "foundation" of every property, and determines future operating costs, comfort and investment. We support our customers with tailor-made building technology concepts. Measures are implemented right from the outset in the concept phase, with a view to keeping energy costs as low as possible once operations begin. Based on the concept, we develop the "Energy and building technology" specifications for use by the planning team.

Energieeffizienz-Beratung: Gebäudelebenszyklus

Huge leverage effect: the earlier in the construction process the issue of energy efficiency is addressed, the greater the cost savings later on.

Expert reports and second opinions

Building owners, investors and planners turn to us for our know-how – and we offer them expert reports and second opinions. Thanks to the interdisciplinary collaboration between our experienced specialists, we can reliably review concepts and maintenance categories in terms of the specified functionality, and assess plant conditions from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Naturally, we also have the necessary measuring equipment for gathering data on operational conditions.

Quality assurance

Building owners are increasingly turning to Alpiq in an attempt to improve quality in all phases of the construction process. Our focus is on optimising technical concepts and preventing misguided investment. In addition to this, the aim is to achieve sustainability and energy targets, combined with the lowest possible energy costs.


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