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We devise energy concepts, analyse buildings using energy checks, carry out benchmarking and identify potential for operational optimisation. Our aim at all times is to increase the energy efficiency of your buildings and plants and thereby reduce your operating costs.

We provide you with comprehensive advice aimed at optimising the energy efficiency of your properties. Our range of services comprises the following modules: energy concept, energy check, benchmarking and operational optimisation.

Energieeffizienz-Beratung: Energieflussdiagramm 

Energy flow diagram

Energy concept

We devise energy concepts for our customers that ensure buildings and plants require as little energy as possible, and that energy can be produced without fossil CO2 emissions wherever possible. What is more, it should be possible to run the building as economically and conveniently as possible. Our energy concept comprises not only technical but also operational aspects, as well as the building shell.

Energy check

With our energy check we analyse existing buildings in terms of their energy efficiency potential and consider possibilities for the use of renewable sources of energy. The results are recorded in a catalogue of measures, together with specific suggestions for realisation.

The energy check performed by Alpiq provides you with clarity in terms of the current energy situation of your property and plants. Possible energy efficiency improvement measures are defined, and their economic and energy-related benefits laid out. This provides you with a "roadmap" for cutting fixed operating costs and thereby improving profitability. In addition to these benefits, you have the opportunity to improve your market image by demonstrating that you are implementing the measures in an active, verifiable and voluntary manner.

Energieeffizienz-Beratung: Benchmarking 



The aim of benchmarking is to determine energy saving potential and energy costs quickly through comparison with identical or similar buildings and key parameters. The subsequent identification and elimination of energy weak points enables energy consumption to be reduced accordingly. Energy efficiency benchmarking can be performed either internally (buildings within an overall portfolio) or externally (buildings of various owners). Benchmarking is an important instrument in competitor analysis. When implemented systematically, it enables our customers to initiate a process of continuous improvement.

Operational optimisation

Operational optimisation has been shown to be the most attractive way to achieve rapid and economical efficiency improvements, CO2 reductions and cost savings. Payback is less than two years, with savings potential of between 10 and 20 per cent for service companies and 5 to 10 per cent in industry. Operational optimisation pays off immediately through lower energy costs, and benefits not only the owners but also – thanks to lower utility and service charges – the tenants.

We identify the relevant consumers with significant potential, and optimise them in a targeted manner. This is achieved not through costly investments but by adjusting parameters such as run times, temperatures, controls, etc. In buildings, operational optimisation is achieved primarily through installation engineering and user behaviour. The more technology is involved, the greater the potential for energy optimisation.


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