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Renewable energy sources are the future. We support and advise our customers in all areas relating to the use of photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, geothermal energy and biomass in buildings and plants.

Renewable energies are one of the main pillars of the targeted energy turnaround, and will account for a significant proportion of future energy production. The concept of "the building as a power plant" takes on a particular significance here, with renewable energies enabling buildings to progress towards becoming nZEBs (nearly zero-energy buildings).

Alpiq supports you with potential studies, project concepts and second-opinion requests for all disciplines in the area of renewable energies in buildings and plants.

Our areas of speciality

  • Photovoltaics is a simple technology intended for the direct production of electricity from sunlight, making it possible to generate environmentally friendly electricity from an inexhaustible energy source and thereby contributing to a positive future. As a rule, all of the electricity produced using photovoltaics is consumed within the building itself.

  • Solar panels use solar heat to produce the majority of the heat energy required in buildings with high warm-water requirements. Solar panels are thus particularly suitable for both residential buildings and hotels.

  • Heat pumps use ambient heat to produce thermal heat in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The popularity of this technology is underlined by the number of heat-pump projects being realised, which has long overtaken the demand for fossil-fired boilers. It is important that heat sources with the highest possible temperatures are used, such as groundwater or geothermal energy, in order to ensure high utilisation rates.

  • Depending on the logistics, we also devise solutions with wood-fired furnaces for heat generation. Thanks to their CO2 neutrality, wood-fired furnaces will in future also become increasingly attractive from a cost perspective.


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